Customer Service Executive - All Sport


Customer Service Executive

You are responsible for handling and managing the workflow of after sales service, enabling sales operations to go smoothly and ensure high level service. You spend most of your time ensuring on time deliveries, track launch products, deadlines and make sure all order books are shipped to the Nike account.You ensure key processes with Nike Direct such as customer service connection, planning and operational support are running smoothly, accurately and are elevated where possible. In this role you are the key connection between internal departments (Sales, Customer Service,Operations/IT) and Nike Direct departments to manage business and systems integration in such a way that drives our business forward. That means making sure the product makes it to market. You often work independently but in close collaboration with our Nike DTC sales and account Managers, you are part of a larger international team and you receive the necessary support from our head office and departments.

Job info
4/5 or Fulltime
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Tasks and Responsibilities
1.      Customer Service:
-  Direct and accurate processing and follow-up orders from Nike Direct/Sports marketing/NBHD accounts
-  Entering order data and generating / sending order confirmations.
-  Providing explanations / information to these customers about aspects such as delivery time on a daily basis
-  Being able to drive attention, explaining products
-  Taking care of internal and external communication, and understanding the Nike organization and complexity
-  Ensuring correct order processing for deliveries take place as agreed.
-  Handling customer complaints in such a way that the commercial relationship is not harmed
-  Monthly intrastate communication
-  Seasonal readiness preparation depot accounts NSP
2.      Planning
-  Work closely with Nike Direct account managers
-  Communication with warehouse on planning and calendar
-  Manage seasonal calendars with Nike
-  Maintain customer master data
3.      Logistics
-  Edi preparation NSP
-  Customs paper preparation non-EU shipments
-  Work closely with procurement tracking incoming goods
-  Finance : follow up CN, store set up and information tracking new doors openings
-  Translates correctly Nike codes with All Sport codes

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