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Sales and Operational Analyst

You are responsible for handling and managing the workflow of Nike Direct sales processes, enabling sales operations to go smoothly and ensure the implementation of sales strategies to further grow the business. You spend most of your time just getting stuff done. Your to-do list is never-ending. Even when the sales team is crushing its targets, there are always new opportunities for optimizing processes.

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Turnhout (Belgium) and Hilversum (The Netherlands)
4/5 or 5/5
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Much of your work involves optimizing sales efficiency by refining processes and making systematic enhancements. That means resolving operational inconsistencies and bottlenecks that are slowing down the sales team. You ensure key processes with Nike Direct such as sales analytics, seasonal preparation, customer service connection and operational support are running smoothly, accurately and are elevated where possible. In this role you are the key connection between internal departments (Sales, Customer Service, Operations/IT) and Nike Direct to manage business and systems integration in such a way that drives our business forward. You often work independently but in close collaboration with our Nike DTC Account Manager, are part of a larger international team and you receive the necessary support from our head office and departments

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