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« Sneaker Lab is an innovative shoe care brand that is 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable. All products are made from biologicals (good bacteria) that are non-soap based and chemical free. Afterwards they are packed in recyclable materials. We are proudly the sole producer of the Green Tag Certified Sneaker Cleaner in the world. »

About Sneaker Lab

"At Sneaker Lab we understand the power of a fresh pair of sneakers. We took our passion for sneaker culture and matched it with science, creating a natural cleaning solution that works."

Sneaker Lab offers advanced environmentally friendly products that promise to CLEAN | CARE | PROTECT your sneakers. Sneaker Lab is a South African brand taking on a fresh approach to shoe care to more than 60 countries.

Sneaker Lab finds the inspiration in minimalist street-culture and the people who create it and who are proud to be a part of celebrating and supporting communities and Green initiatives.

Sneaker Lab is built on a Green philosophy and commits itself in bettering all that we do by reducing our carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly.

We've taken our cue from nature and harnessed the same beneficial bacteria that is used to biodegrade organic waste to create our cleaning formula. This biotechnology cleans at a microscopic level, continuing to work long after application, leaving your sneakers cleaner for longer.

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