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We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are about contributing to a healthy and active world, by connecting premium sport and lifestyle brands to market reality.

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The general management is leading our international business from our HQ in Turnhout, supported by the Finance, IT, Operations, Marketing & Customer service Teams. Our products are shipped throughout Europe from our central warehouse. Our sales teams for the Belgian and Luxembourg markets operate mainly out of the showroom in Brussels and in retail.

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Our sales teams present the new assortments and take orders with the customers in their regions, where they also provide general retail support. Local marketing and finance are managed from our offices in Paris by brand dedicated country managers.

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Spain & Portugal

Our sales teams present the new ranges and take retail orders in their regions as well as in the showroom in Barcelona. We plan to expand the team over the next few years, guided by our country manager.

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The Netherlands

Our Sales Teams present and sell the brands in an inspiring way in our showroom in the Sports Business Center. In retail, they train the staff and offer general retail support. The Customer Service, Local Marketing and Finance departments are also managed from the office in Leusden.

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